Weekends As An Integral Part Of The Singaporean Lifestyle

Nowadays, Singaporeans work five days a week and usually enjoy Saturdays and Sundays. It is a commonly observed fact in the Singaporean society that they work hard from Monday to Friday to make sure that they can enjoy during the phase of the weekend. Moreover, these days consumerism is a commonly observed fact in the American society and this is the reason that they spend their leisure time in a variety of shopping malls. Besides that Singaporeans are fond of football, and they spend a majority of their leisure time in watching football matches. Furthermore, much Singaporean is also concerned with watching movies. Recreational activities that can boost their mental and physical health are on a steady decline. This has given rise to a lot of problems in the Singaporean society. Nightclubs and Casinos are the favored areas of much Singaporean, and they like to spend time in these places.

It is a commonly observed fact that lifestyle changes are taking place at a steady pace. The Singaporean society is not an exception to this fact. The need of the hour for the Singaporean society is to focus on human interactions.

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