Singapore bring forward Covid 19 Vaccination for elderly

covid-19 vaccination


The vaccination drive of Singapore Covid-19 was established for all seniors and will also include more at-risk classes and critical staff, including students, postmen and migrant workers.

This is likely as further vaccine stocks arrived on Monday, the Health Department said (March 8).

More than 596,000 doses were administered on Sunday with the Covid-19 vaccine.

About 379,000 people got the first dosage in Singapore at least; more than 217,000 received the second dose, according to the MOH.

The Ministry has stated earlier that seniors between 60 and 69 years of age would get their first dose in late March.

On Monday, however, it was mentioned that all seniors in this age category will receive their invitation letters in the coming days.

Each letter has a web-link that can be used to register for an immunization and will be sent to your cell phone to schedule your vaccine appointment by sending an SMS with a special booking link.

At every senior center or community club, age groups may even book their vaccine appointments.

To date, more than 55,000 elderly people aged 70 or over had had first vaccine injection, while about 96,000 elderly people have had their first dose appeals in the coming weeks.

The MOH said that the vaccination scheme, for those who could pose danger to disadvantaged peoples and the environment as a whole if they became affected, will be expanded to other high-risk communities as well as to important front-line staff of key significance for Singapore.