Multinational Firms setting up their offices in Punggol Digital District

Punggol Digital District


Four multinational firms have announced intentions to open offices in Punggol Digital District, resulting in the creation of over 2,000 tech jobs ranging from data analysts and solution engineers to artificial intelligence and blockchain developers.

The four businesses were revealed by Minister of Trade and Industry Gan Kim Yong on Wednesday (July 28), with each adding “diverse skills to the mix.”

Delta Electronics Int’l (Singapore), which specializes in smart living solutions; Boston Dynamics, a robotics design firm; Group-IB, a cybersecurity services provider; and Wanxiang, a blockchain solutions provider.

The companies will profit from Singapore’s position as an open global center for innovation, business, and talent, according to Mr Gan, while the area will gain from excellent employment and prospects for Singaporeans.

The concept for the 50-hectare Punggol Digital District was unveiled in 2018, and it is set to open in phases beginning in 2024. The area will be home to the Singapore Institute of Technology’s (SIT) new campus, which will serve around 10,000 students and 500 academic staff.

Businesses will have easy access to SIT talent, according to JTC, while students will benefit from a practical learning environment.

Companies, students, and the general public will be able to test digital and smart living solutions in the area.

For example, Group-IB, an Interpol and Europol partner, will work with SIT to develop and construct a virtual testing environment for early-stage businesses and start-ups to evaluate their products’ susceptibility to cyberattacks.

The virtual system will be able to stress test apps, solutions, and systems in order to protect them from cyber threats.

The Punggol Digital Area was designed to be a smart and environmentally friendly mixed-use district. JTC Corporation master planned it in accordance with Singapore’s Smart Nation and digital economy objectives.

Apart from smart infrastructure, JTC CEO Tan Boon Khai stated the focus is on creating “a comprehensive environment that promotes collaborative collaborations and innovation, which provides value to companies even before they come into the district.”

“These collaborations between business, academia, and trade organizations are an example of the climate we’re creating to drive innovation,” he said.

Mr Gan said that the digital economy is a bright light for companies across the globe and is essential to Singapore’s and Singaporeans’ economic prosperity.

“Singapore’s position as the region’s digital innovation center is reflected in the significant corporate interest and investments in Punggol Digital District,” he said.

“We see possibilities for cross-pollination of ideas and technical innovation between the area and our smart city initiatives in Hangzhou and Shanghai,” Wanxiang Blockchain executive president Vincent Wang said of the company’s decision.

“These programs help us connect with and expand the community of digital technology learners, users, and enthusiasts in Singapore,” he said.