Indonesia reports record 14,518 new coronavirus cases

Indonesia Covid

On Saturday (January 30), Indonesia recorded 14,518 new COVID-19 cases, a record daily increase which took its total number of cases to just over 1.06 million.

210 fatalities were also confirmed by the country’s COVID-19 taskforce, raising the death toll from the pandemic to 29,728 so far.

Indonesia has been blamed for providing one of the world’s lowest rates of testing and touch tracking, and for concentrating on obtaining vaccinations at the cost of attempting to introduce health protocols.

Earlier this month, when hospitals came under mounting pressure, the state began the vaccine campaign and increased movement controls.

President Joko Widodo has set a 15-month deadline for implementation of the vaccine campaign, but the sheer magnitude of the population and its regional scale – with 270 million people scattered over more than 17,000 islands – render the challenge a very complicated one.