Employers getting employees to prove their qualifications amidst India Fake Degree

India Fake Degree

Hundreds of graduates in India from the private university who were convicted of false graduations were left in a limbo condition because their employers were pressured to demonstrate that their credentials are valid in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, South Africa, the United States and Canada.

After it was established in 2009, Manav Bharti (MBU) has supposedly sold up to 36,000 grades for ratings from 100,000 to 300,000 rupees in the Northern Himachal State of Pradesh (US$ 1,362-4,085), which was investigated by Indian government agencies last Month. Just 5,000 of the University’s 41,000 degrees at the point have been considered authentic.

The revelation has updated his preparations for upcoming MBU learners, such as SK*, a 33-year-old Nepali who will be in charge of visas at the U.S. embassy next month.

The government employee in Nepal who sent three emails to the University trying to explain that his degress was authentic – all bounced – said, “I doubt that I shall be accepted [for the visa], if I cannot prove my degree is authentic. He added that in 2018 the authoritative assessments provider, World Education Services, checked his credentials, “My future looks grim.”

In its visa applications, 15 employee workers who claimed that they were MBU graduates had been investigated by Singapore’s Manpower Ministry on 17 February – a further source of fuel for claims that Indian citizens had been permitted to occupy the capital, despite the government claiming that this had been wrong.

A Week in Asia review showed that certain Indian citizens in Singapore who had recently been graduates of the MBU were deleted from their accounts on the social networking platform LinkedIn.

MBU provides training in Engineering and Technology, Informatics, Management, Pharmaceutical, Law and Humanities. It mentions a number of well-known international tech and consultancy companies on their websites as recruiters of graduates from far-reaching countries such as Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Africa.

More than 110 MBU students in India have joined forces to get a court order to validate their academic transcripts. Some have had difficulties with their bosses after reports came out of the scandal, says Amandeep Singh, a lawyer who is one of the petitioners.