America must get its house in order to take on China

US Spokeman

Top national security official Jake Sullivan stated on Friday (Jan 29) that America’s most profound national security problem is keeping its own house in order, as he named domestic renewal the first big move that the US wants to take to compete successfully with China.

(President) Joe Biden also emphasized for us that international policy is domestic policy and foreign policy is domestic policy,” Mr. Sullivan, National Security Adviser to Mr. Biden, said at an event hosted by the United States Institute of Peace, based in Washington.”

And America is experiencing significant problems at home right now: a pandemic of Covid-19, a global downturn, a climate crisis, acute risks to its fundamental republican republic, and profound divides, he added.

To cope with the problems we face across the globe, we have to place ourselves in a position of courage. The fundamental early work of this administration must be to create the place of power,” said Mr Sullivan.”

Global policy framing in terms of domestic policy has emerged as a core aspect of the Biden government, which champions “a middle class foreign policy.”

Given the upheaval at home and the nationalism that powered the previous Trump administration’s streak of isolationism, this emphasis on domestic issues is unsurprising. Yet Mr. Sullivan made it plain that Mr. Biden was going to twin this with foreign institutions’ embrace.

He presented a view of how the Biden administration will approach US competitive rivalry with China in brief remarks: by domestic renewal and reinvigorating alliances.

“Step one… step one… The basic pillars of our democracy need to be refurbished. That goes from our own political structure to problems of social injustice, economic inequality – all of the factors that have added over time to the shine emanating from the American model,’ he said.

Chinese politicians are also specifically claiming that the Chinese model is stronger than the American model, referring to US chaos and discord to claim that, Mr. Sullivan said, the method does not fit.

He added that doing so would give the US the economic power to achieve performance, as well as “a chorus of voices” speaking up for its ideals in the face of Chinese violence.

Mr. Sullivan said that the Biden administration would draw on the Quad – the US, Australia, India and Japan informal grouping – and sees it as a “foundation on which to build significant American policy in the Indo-Pacific region.”

Third, through partnering with other nations and making ambitious public contributions at home to remain on the leading edge, America must ensure that it leads the globe in crucial future technology, he added.

Finally, with its policies in Xinjiang and Hong Kong, America must also be prepared to place costs on China and “the bellicosity of the threats it is projecting to Taiwan,” Mr. Sullivan said, without elaborating on what these costs could mean.

This government is expected to communicate with the transparency and strength of speech at all stages, from the President down to the State Department, the Defense Department, every embassy across the globe,” he said.”